What Our Members Are Saying

I wanted to take a moment to let you knew how much I appreciate your service. I have been able to help my patients more than ever doing lab testing that is rarely done in a general - yearly physical. Your clinician support is excellent by all in your office. When you say 'Service with Integrity!', I'd say you're modest - it's that and so much more. I tell every practitioner I can about your service. What you give is a gift to so many. Thank you!

- Leslie Landy, D.O.M., L.Ac.

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As a healthcare author and educator, I always mention Professional Co-op® in my lectures around the country. PCS provides a much-needed service for my patients that has significantly improved my practice. My patients can now get affordable and reliable blood tests. Those patients who do not have insurance or have high co-pays can save untold amounts of money and I can get the lab tests that I need to properly do my job. It is a win-win situation for us all! Thanks PCS!

-David Brownstein, M.D.

PCS makes ordering and doing lab testing a no-brainer. It is convenient for both doctor and patient. Results are prompt, the cost can’t be beat, and there are a huge number of tests available. If the test desired is not in the provided test catalogue, every effort is made by PCS to make it available. The website is awesome and easy to navigate. Upcoming seminars and events are posted. Useful and informative articles are published by Bill Beakey providing in depth information about tests, nutrients and hormones. During office hours, friendly helpful information is available for ANY question you may have about lab testing. The staff is awesome! Anyone who does or even thinks about offering lab testing in their practice would be foolish not to join PCS. The new Opti-Plus panel is terrific.

- Lyn Jones, R.N., D.C., N.M.D.

I have taught blood chemistry seminars for several years and I have referred hundreds of doctors to Professional-Co-op. To this day I have never heard of one single complaint about them and I am overwhelmed by the positive enthusiasm doctors are telling me about their professionalism and prices. They are simply the best, most professional, and ethical source for laboratory services in the country. I also use Professional Co-op® services in my practice with 100% satisfaction.


Hats off to you for running such a wonderful company. Any staff person I have spoken to, without fail, has been knowledgeable, helpful, patient and kind. All seem to be efficient and sound like they enjoy their jobs. Throughout my years of office management, I have dealt with many companies. Unfortunately, most fail at good customer service. Rather than complain about those folks, I think it is more important to focus on the good which brings me to writing to you. Those who have been in business, understand the trickle down affect. That can be negative or positive. It is clear that you have great leadership skills in many areas, which you pass on to your employees. Thank you so much for doing the terrific job you do and for having a customer service, oriented company. We are truly blessed when we serve others with a positive and good attitude, from the heart. I bet you have seen many blessing in your company and you will continue to do so.

-Debbie O.-Essential Balance Chiropractic

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I am so glad to have PCS as a resource for lab work. I had previously contracted independently with a major national laboratory and found myself completely frustrated with numerous billing errors on every single bill always in the corporation’s favor. PCS has taken the frustration out of ordering laboratory testing and let me put my focus back on my patients. Where it belongs.

- Tom Gross, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

PCS is a great company to work with. It has integrity. Testing turnaround time is fast. Prices are very economical. Response to any concern is immediate. I appreciate PCS very much and highly recommend PCS for any laboratory needs.

- Carol DeWilde, D.C.

PCS is such a great valuable tool. The staff is great and always has the right answer. We’ve had difficulties with other lab services in the past – PCS is a breath of fresh air! Thank you!

- New Life Chiropractic – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The prices offered by PCS are very reasonable. The service for patient’s without health insurance is very valuable.

- Hongjian He, L.Ac.

We can’t say enough about the excellent service (prompt callbacks, answers, problem solving). Our patients appreciate the savings.

- Stephen Bittiker, D.C.

Fast, effective, and low-cost method for great and rapid results.

- Michael Shpak, L.Ac.

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Professional Co-op® Services has been an excellent source of information. It keeps us current on lab testing, forms, and other pertinent information. Also, the service has been very valuable and cost effective, not only for my patients who do not have insurance coverage, but to me and my family as well.

- Andrea Guttveg, L.Ac.

I have used PCS for several years in my clinical practice as well as for myself. Currently I am a Faculty Clinician and Assistant Professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida Campus.

- Rod Floyd, D.C., C.C.N.

PCS has allowed me to provide high quality care to my patients at affordable prices. This helps me to solidify everyday that you can get results with natural therapies.

- Thomas McKay, Jr., D.C.

Anyone who does lab work regularly should join PCS. Very convenient. Very reasonable prices. No Complaints.

- Daniel Chong, N.D.

Thank you for adding Hemoglobin A1c, Highly Sensitive CRP, Ferritin / TIBC to the Opti-Plus.

- Michael Kinnear, D.C., C.C.N.

The PCS website and Clinical Test Information Sheets are most helpful.

- Robert A. Duca, D.C.

This has been such a wonderful addition to my practice. It is helpful and aids tremendously with proper care.

- Julie Marchiol, D.C.

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The ability to use a LabCorp Patient Service Center allowed me to quickly receive an extremely low Vitamin D value on a patient with Pernio and numerous muscle-skeletal complaints. I was able to counsel her on safe sun exposure barely 72 hours before she left from Minnesota to Hawaii. Vitamin D supplementation and sunshine made a world of difference in her life within 3 weeks.

- Lea Casperson, D.C.

We have used PCS for years now with excellent results. They are professional and courteous. Our patients like the ease of using a LabCorp draw stations; with minimal paperwork. Thank you PCS!

- Greg Mrozinski, D.C. and Staff

I fully endorse PCS due to the economy and professionalism exhibited by them.

- James Valentine, D.C.

It is a pleasure to work with Professional Co-op®. The staff is very helpful and they get the blood work results always back on time. They have great prices too! Keep up the good work.

- Aaron Chadwick, L.Ac.